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Tax Assessment Information and Forms

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Board of Review

Please feel free to discuss your property assessment with the Township Assessor, at any time prior to the Board of Review meetings. Many times issues can be handled administratively by the Assessing staff avoiding a Board of Review Hearing. 

Many times, a telephone conversation or short office visit with Ronda Parks, will clear up many of the questions that arise.  Call 989-893-7541 (Tuesdays) or 989-876-7625 (Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) or by emailing asgfirm@charter.net.

March Board of Review

The Board of Review meets annually in March to hear appeals from residents concerning their taxes. The Board of Review also meets in July and December to review and correct any clerical errors or mutual mistakes of fact on assessments, as certified by the assessor.

Please call for an appointment 989-893-7541.

Type of Meeting Date Meeting Time
Board of Review March 11, 2021  3:00pm-9:00pm - Business is concluded

July & December Board of Reviews

The July and December Board of Review can only address Clerical Errors and Mutual Mistakes of Fact related to real and personal property assessments.

Appeals may also be heard for current year only poverty exemption requests, but not poverty exemptions which were denied by the March Board of Review.  The Board may also consider current and up to 3 years prior of homeowner’s principal residence exemption affidavit requests where no previous affidavit was filed and denied.  The Board may also consider current year veterans exemption requests that were not denied by the March Board of Review.

The July and December Board of Reviews are prohibited from hearing disputes related to Property Valuation.

July & December Board of Review Schedule

Type of Meeting Date Meeting Time
Board of Review TBA, July  TBA - Business is concluded
Board of Review TBA, December TBA - Business is concluded

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