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Ronda Parks - assessor

Office: 989-876-7625

Township Office: 989-893-7541 - Tuesdays

Email:  asgfirm@charter.net

The Township Assessor is responsible for overall direction and management of Township’s property appraisal program. Oversees identifying, inventorying, determining market values and calculating assessed valuation for all Township properties in accordance with the State Tax Commission regulations, methods and procedures to ensure fair and equitable assessments. Maintains accurate Homestead and property transfer information in compliance with applicable State laws. Also responsible for the supervision, evaluation, discipline and recommending hiring and discharge of all Assessing Department personnel.

The Township Assessor's duties, in part:

Plans, administers, and provides overall supervision of property appraisal programs for assessment purposes

Develops policies and procedures for staff in determining true cash value of assessable real and personal property including locating, identifying and inventorying quantity and characteristics of the property for determining appropriate value and classification.

Responds to inquiries and requests for assessment information from the public.

Oversees maintenance of departmental files including property records/cards, physical data, legal descriptions, splits and combinations of parcels, and ownership transfers; strives to identify new/improved methods for carrying out responsibilities of the department.

Represents the Township in defending assessments appealed to the Michigan Tax Tribunal, and in participating at seminars and conferences at various county and State associations.

Conducts field inspections of commercial and industrial properties; gathers, analyzes data and performs assessment ratio studies to determine true market values; may input data in to computer system; updates personal property records and supervises sending of assessment notices annually to notify property owners regarding assessed values.

Ensures that periodic checks are performed with home and business owners regarding changes made to facilities; works with Township Building Inspectors regarding new construction in order to update property records.

Serves as liaison between the Township and prospective business and industry investors; acts as resource for Township citizens responding to their inquiries, and interpreting applicable State laws.

Supervises and participates in the preparation of the property assessment roll for presentation to the Board of Review; supervises adjustments of the tax roll directed by the Board of Review; participates in Board of Review sessions and compiles results and oversees preparation of letters and reports associated with this process.

Prepares annual budget for the department; conducts periodic performance evaluations of staff, and oversees other departmental administrative functions; submits various forms and schedules to satisfy reporting requirements to the State of Michigan.

Attends annual seminars and other continuing education conferences as required by the State to maintain required certification as a Level III Assessor.

Maintains current knowledge regarding assessing-related technology, market trends and pending legislation pertaining to taxation and other developments in the property assessment field.

Performs other tasks as requested by the Township Manager.

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