Welcome to Hampton Township by the Bay

Departments & Boards

The Police Department is staffed with a Chief, two Lieutenants and five Police Officers. Office hours are by appointment. Please call (989) 892-0571 to make arrangements.

Information regarding the Hampton Township Fire Department. Includes Fire Chief and Fire Marshall.

The Bay Area Water Treatment Plant Report includes links to water quality reports.

The Board of Review meets annually in March to hear appeals from residents concerning their taxes. The Board of Review also meets in July and December to review and correct any clerical errors or mutual mistakes of fact on assessments, as certified by the assessor.

Regular meetings are normally held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m.. Township Board meetings are held in the Board Room at the Hampton Township Administrative Offices, 801 W. Center Road.

The BRA would have the authority to facilitate the implementation of Brownfield plans relating to the designation and treatment of Brownfield redevelopment zones and to promote the revitalization of environmentally distressed areas

The Township enforces the State Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Codes as promulgated and adopted by the Bureau of Construction Codes.

The Board is empowered to hear appeals and render decisions arising out of the Township’s administration of the Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Fire Codes as adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Township of Hampton.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all Township-owned infrastructure and facilities within the Township of Hampton and for providing a wide range of related services.

Hampton Township formed its Downtown Development Authority ("DDA") in 1988 under the authority of Act 197 Public Acts of 1975. and Hampton Township's Ordinance 47 and Ordinance 47-1.

General information regarding the Joint Commission.

The Planning Commission oversees the administration and the implementation of the the Township's Master Plan and serves as an advisory body to the Board of Trustees on a wide range of planning and zoning matters.

As set forth in the Zoning Ordinance the Board of Zoning Appeals shall, in part, have the power to interpret, upon request, any provision of the Zoning Ordinance in such a way as to carry out the intent and purpose of the Ordinance and to authorize, upon appeal, specific variances from such requirements as lot area and dimension, building height and bulk, yard and depth regulations and parking and load requirements.

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