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Off Season Storage at Finn Road Park

Storage of automotive items such as campers, boats, trailers, etc. at Finn Road Campground during the off season.

Off season – beginning November 1st through April 15th
Rate to store at Finn Road Campground.......................................... $165.00 per season


  • Must sign a storage agreement that holds Hampton Township harmless and states they will maintain insurance on their items stored at Finn Road Campground.

  • Individual must provide Proof of Insurance for item to be stored.

  • Stored item must be picked up between April 1-April 15.

  • Items will be stored on camp sites and will not be hooked up to electricity.

  • Items will be fenced in. (When fence is moved this year, the area where the items are stored will remain secured in a fenced area.)

  • Storage fees will be paid in advance.


  • Appointments can be made with the DPW to meet individuals at the park for drop off and pick up.

  • Arrangements for pick up need to be made ahead of time by calling our office.

  • Contracts must be signed and fees must be paid to Hampton Township at the Township offices located at 801 W. Center Road, Essexville.

  • For Outside Storage Agreement Contract click here.

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