Welcome to Hampton Township by the Bay


Visit Bay Area Stormwater Authority website here

Visit Bay Area Stormwater Authority website here

Breakdown of prices and what is included with each added charge for the Hampton Hall.

Looking to get off the couch? Looking for some fun and entertainment? The Hampton Senior Center may be just what you are looking for! The Center offers a variety of activities designed to get those aged 60 and over out of the house.

Hampton Township's Master Plan for the future including planning and zoning

Ordinances and laws regarding the use of Marihuana.

Miscellaneous fees in the township

Parks in Hampton Township

List of permits and prices for each

For Assessing, Property Taxes, Water/Sewer Bills And Building Permits

Information on collection for trash, recycling and yard waste, what can be recycled, and proper cart placement.

To view the documents submitted to and approved by the State of Michigan Municipal Stability Board

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