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Permit Applications

The permit applications listed below are in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader to view and print. You may obtain the permit that you want by clicking on the hyperlinks. All of these forms are available online to allow persons to download and print the form for completion ahead of time and at their convenience. The completed permit applications must still be submitted and processed at the Hampton Administrative Office. Where indicated, some of these permit applications can be completed online prior to printing, but the form still must be submitted and processed at Hampton Administrative Office. These fillable forms may also take longer to load depending on the speed of your connection. If you need an excerpt from the Hampton Township Zoning Ordinance to attach to the permit application,  simply click on this zoning ordinance hyperlink Zoning-Ordinance-36A and download and print the applicable sections of the ordinance to attach to your permit application.)

Re-Occupancy Permit - $250

A Re-Occupancy Permit is required when a water meter is pulled or removed for nonpayment, foreclosure, and has been shut off for more than thirty days. When the property owner loses the Certificate of Occupancy, the owner must reapply for a Certificate of Occupancy and pay all appropriate fees, as set by the Township Board of Trustees.  Please contact our office to request occupancy or re-occupancy.

A Re-Occupancy Permit does not apply if the water meter is shut off is due to a scheduled removal for seasonal residents or other similar occurrences.

Viewing and Printing Only

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