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Planning Commission

Jerry Talaga

Mike Mulders
Vice Chairman

Anthony Brey

Bob Adamowski 

Don Klass

Gary Leinberger 

Pam Wright 

The Planning Commission oversees the administration and the implementation of the the Township's Master Plan and serves as an advisory body to the Board of Trustees on a wide range of planning and zoning matters.

Members are appointed to four year terms by the Supervisor subject to confirmation by the Board of Trustees.

The Hampton Township Planning Commission has been established as specified in Section 3 of Act 168 of the Public Acts of 1959, as amended, being the Rural Township Planning Commission Act. All powers, duties, and responsibilities provided by Act 184 of the Public Acts of 1943, as amended, being the Township Rural Zoning Act for zoning boards created there under, are transferred to the Planning Commission by resolution of the Township Board as provided in Section II of Act 168 of the Public Acts of 1959, as amended. The Planning Commission shall perform the duties of said planning commission/zoning board as provided in these Acts, together with such other powers and duties as are given to such Planning Commission by the provisions of this Ordinance, including authority to act on all matters requiring the approval or recommendation of such Planning Commission.

Hampton Township and its Officials follow the Open Meeting Act mcl-Act-267-of-1976

List of Plans

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