Welcome to Hampton Township by the Bay




Dial 911

Dial 911

745 W. Center Road

Essexville, MI  48732


Phone: 989-892-0571

Fax: 989-892-0597

Bryan Benchley

Director of Public Safety/ Chief of Police


Full Time Personnel

The Police Department is staffed with a Chief, two Lieutenants, seven Public Safety Officers, and one regular Police Officers.

Eight Officers are also Medical First Responder Certified.

Office hours are by appointment.
Please call (989) 892-0571 to make arrangements.

Purchase Permits

All purchase permits will now be handled by the Bay County Sheriff's Office. Please call them at (989) 895-4050 with any questions.

Police Reports (Accident/Incident)

Completed and Closed Accident and Incident reports may be obtained from Hampton Township Police Records Department during normal working hours. The fee for these reports is $8.00 for the first page and $.25 for each additional page. Fee for pictures is $2.50 per page. To request a copy of a report, please send an email to hamptonpolice@hamptonpd.net.

Reports from investigations that are not complete and/or reviewed by the prosecutor may not be released. If the prosecutor issues a warrant on a police report/complaint the report may then be obtained from the prosecutor's office. The telephone number for the Bay County Prosecutor's Office is 989-895-4185.

If you have been a victim of a crime you can contact Bay County's Crime Victims Assistance Unit for help at (989) 895-4243.

1230 Washington Ave.
Bay City, MI 48708

Requests for Police Assistance

If you have an emergency, call 911 to have the closest available unit sent.

Calls for police assistance that are not considered an emergency should also go to 911. Central Dispatch will send the next available unit.

If you have a question for a police officer, please call 989-892-0571 and leave a message. If you leave a message for a particular officer they will not respond to the call until they report for their next shift. There are normally one to three Hampton Officers on patrol within Hampton Township at any time. In addition to Hampton Police officers patrolling township streets, the Bay County Sheriff's Deputies and Michigan State Police occasionally patrol and respond to calls for police assistance within the Township. If you call for Police assistance and are not able to wait for a Hampton officer, you may request that a Sheriff's Deputy or a State Police officer be sent to respond to requests for police assistance.

Other Addresses and Phone Numbers

74th District Court
1230 Washington Ave.
Bay City, Michigan 48708

Bay County Sheriff's Office
503 Third St.
Bay City, Michigan 48708

Bay City Police Department
501 Third St.
Bay City, Michigan 48708
18th Circuit Court
1230 Washington Ave
Bay City, Michigan 48708

Essexville Public Safety
1107 Woodside Ave.
Essexville, Michigan 48732
Bay County Probate Court
1230 Washington Ave.
Bay City, Michigan 48708

Michigan State Police
(Tri-City Post)
2402 W. Salzburg Rd.
Freeland, MI  48623

Bay County Crime Stoppers

Michigan State PoliceImage
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